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Historical datastore can be deployed as a docker container or a standalone application built from source.

To run the HDS as a docker container:

docker run -p 8085:8085 -v $(pwd)/hdsdata:/data linksmart/hds

where the flag option -v $(pwd)/hdsdata:/data is optional. The flag -v mounts a /data volume to the host folder $pwd/hdsdata to support persistency. If you want the data to be non persistent across different docker runs, please remove the option "-v $(pwd)/hdsdata:/data" from the command line.

For a configuration file located at /path/on/host/config-file.json

docker run -p 8085:8085 -v $(pwd)/hdsconf:/data:/conf -v $(pwd)/hdsdata:/data linksmart/hds -conf /conf/config-file.json

Deploy from the Source

Please follow the instructions from of the source code.

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