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A Device Connector provides integration of heterogenous devices in the LinkSmart® middleware, implementing the functionality of the Device Integration Layer.
Due to the diversity of available IoT devices and possible integration scenarios, it is a concept rather than a single component. It is expected to have different implementations of the Device Connector fulfilling the described here functional specification.


A Device Connector must implement the following functionality:

  • Provide communication with devices over the network via standardized protocols
    • Expose APIs of devices/resources via standardized APIs and protocols (HTTP/REST, MQTT, etc)
    • Implement native APIs/protocols of devices internally (if needed)

  • Publish registrations to (the) remote Resource Catalog(s)
    • Continuously update these registrations (keepalive)
    • Remove the registrations on devices failures and graceful shutdwon of the Device Connector


  • Device Gateway: a lightweight, natively-compiled Device Connector for integration of various devices through stdin/stdout communication with device-specific agents for rapid prototyping of IoT applications.
  • Thing Publisher: a service for exposing proprietary sensor data in the OGC SensorThings format over MQTT.
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