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A LinkSmart® Service is a standalone service that is able to interact with other LinkSmart® Services or LinkSmart® infrastructure components following certain rules and standards.  All LinkSmart® Services have a name and codename, and they should indicate to which LinkSmart® API they comply. 

What standards and rules applied a LinkSmart® Service?

Alpha conditions:

  1. APIs
    • Provide CRUD APIs of the service either RESTfull or/and MQTT-based.
  2. Open Source
  3. Build
  4. Documentation

Beta conditions:

  1. Licensing
  2. Service Registration
    • All running LinkSmart® Services must send a registration document to the Service Catalog. The registration could be sent via the RESTful API or over an MQTT broker. In case a broker is used, a 'will' message can be sent to advertise service end of life. In case the broker fails and recovers, the service should resend the registration. The registration can be outsourced to another service, but it must happen.
  3. OGC SensorThings Compliance
    • All LinkSmart® services that do not send binary sensor data or data streams must be able to send the data using the OGC SensorThings standard. (Due to legacy reasons, also SenML payloads are accepted.)

Full-service conditions:

  1. Integration Tests
  2. Executable
  3. Docker Container
    • The service must provide a Dockerfile and Docker image (downloadable in If the service depends on other services, a Docker compose file must be provided for standalone execution.
  4. API Specification
    • RESTful APIs must be documented using Open API. The description should be deployed online (starting with the service) and offline on

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