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LinkSmart® LocalConnect components are now separated into different projects. Please visit the following spaces:

LinkSmart® LocalConnect is a middleware toolkit for building Internet of Things applications in local environments. Its base use case is interconnecting heterogeneous devices into a network and exposing their capabilities via common APIs (HTTP, MQTT, etc) that can be consumed by applications and services. It can be thought of as building blocks for IoT infrastructures in different scenarios from smart home to industrial environments.

Its key features are:

  • Lightweight and cross-platform (OSX/Linux/Windows, x86/ARM)
  • Language-agnostic (Go and Java SDKs are provided, but all APIs can be used directly with other languages)
  • Zero-conf networking and service discovery
  • Standards-oriented: MQTT and HTTP as main application-level protocols, growing library of device connectors (see below)
  • Easily extendable for support of new protocols and technologies
  • Integration with LinkSmart® Global Connect and the rest of the LinkSmart® ecosystem

LocalConnect Environment

A typical LocalConnect environment is comprised by the following components:

  • Devices - your IoT devices: sensors, actuators, and systems
  • Device Connectors - technology-specific components implementing the LinkSmart® specification that integrate your IoT devices in the LocalConnect environment
  • Resource Catalog - a service offering a catalogue of available IoT devices
  • Service Catalog - a service offering a catalogue of available services
  • Message Broker - an MQTT broker such as mosquitto
  • Applications and Services - your custom applications and services (also LinkSmart® Services )

Device Connectors

LinkSmart® Device Connectors implement the Device Integration Layer in distributed IoT applications and systems. 
They serve as gateways between the low-level hardware access protocol and applications communicating in higher-level protocols on TCP/IP network. 
For more information, see LinkSmart Device Connector.

Service Discovery

LinkSmart® LocalConnect uses zeroconf/DNS-SD for building smart environments with little to no manual network configuration. 
For more details see Service Catalog.

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