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The Ootimization Framework REST API exposes the following top-level endpoints:

  • /data_source: Registry of data sources used by the optimization model. The data sources can be registered as MQTT or HTTP inputs.
  • /control: Registry of the outputs of the optimization framework, which will work as control set-points for other devices (if registered as MQTT) or as output files (if registered as file)
  • /command: Start and stop commands for the framework, which allow the entry of some necessary optimization parameters.
  • /models: Insertion of custom optimization models that are the base for the optimal control.

OFW was developed for the Storage4Grid project, which is related to the Energy domain. Consequently, data models present in the API are oriented to this domain. Nevertheless, the user is also able to enter custom nomenclature, depending on the application for which the OFW is going to be used.

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