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If you don't already have Docker Engine and Docker Compose, you need to install them before following these steps. 

For installing docker engine and docker compose on a windows computer, you can use the following script:

Install Docker for Windows

1. Create and enter a directory

Create a directory with the name of your election.

mkdir NameOfFile

2. Get the docker-compose script

Download the docker compose script and copy it to the created directory.

Download from here and copy to the current directory. It can also be downloaded with the following command:

curl -O

3. Run docker-compose script

The docker-compose script creates and runs containers for OFW, predictions and redisdb. By default, the containers store their data in a directory named docker in the current directory. 
Enter the following command from the current directory:

docker-compose -f docker-compose-amd.yml up

You should now be able to access the API of the OFW with http://ip_address:8080/v1/ui.

To start the containers in background (detached mode), stop the containers with Ctrl+C (or docker-compose down if that was aborted) and run the following instead:

docker-compose -f docker-compose-amd.yml up -d

4. Reading the logs

If you want to read the logs from OFW, just enter the following command:

docker logs ofw

5. Stopping the containers

To stop all containers:

docker-compose -f docker-compose-amd.yml down

5. Getting started with OFW

The next steps are related to the registry of inputs and outputs and the start of the framework. You can find information in API description or in Tutorial.

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