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LinkSmart® Optimization Framework (OFW) is a frameworkthat enables continous optimal control in diverse application domains The architecture includes modules for management and signal processing of sensor data , linking of predictive algorithms to deliver inputs to the optimization model, optimization modeling, linking of a solver, an optimization controller and a post-processer module for formatting the results or creating control events. The framework offers an API that describes the insertion of new optimization models, allows the registration of data sources and control outputs and presents a set of commands to control the start of the framework. All implementations support SenML data model and may offer additional formats using HTTP negotiation.

A full-implementation of OFW offers four APIs:

  • data_source: Registry of input data sources (MQTT or HTTP).
  • control: Registry of outputs of the optimization problem.
  • command: Commands for starting and stopping the framework, while entering optimization parameters.
  • models: Registry of a new optimization model, which is used for the optimal control and is based in Pyomo

Getting Started

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