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Follow the below instructions to build and deploy the Nifi processors:

Get the source

Clone the repo:

git clone

Build and deploy

There are two ways you can build the program: you can build it and put it into an existing Nifi instance manually, or you can utilize the Dockerfile available to build a Nifi Docker image automatically.

Manual Setup

Build it with Maven:

mvn clean install

Find the built nar file here:

<repo directory>/nifi-linksmart-nar/target/nifi-linksmart-nar-<version number>.nar

and copy it to the following directory of the running Nifi instance:

/opt/nifi/nifi-<version number>/lib

Restart Nifi, then you can find the new LinksmartProcessor and the LinksmartServiceRegister processor available.

Setup with Dockerfile

Use the following command to build a Nifi instance containing Linksmart processors from the provided Dockerfile:

docker build -t nifi-linksmart .

Start Nifi by running the following command:

docker run --name nifi-linksmart -p 8080:8080 nifi-linksmart

Visit the web interface in port 8080, you will see the two processors available in Nifi.

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