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  • CRUD
    • get(serviceId)
    • add(Service)
    • update(serviceId, Service)
    • delete(serviceId)
  • Querying Catalog
    • getServices(page, perPage)
  • Search / Filtering
    • findService(path, operation, value)
    • findServices(path, operation, value, page, perPage)


A Java-based implementation is available and can be used by applications as follows:

add following maven artifact into your project:

maven artifact

In case, Maven is not a preferred build environment then service-catalog-client jar can be downloaded from LinkSmart® repository, to configure into build path of the application.

set URL of the catalog service by calling following static method of ServiceCatalog class:


use ServiceBuilder utility class to create Registration object to add into service catalog:

  • create service registration object from a json file
Registration registration = ServiceBuilder.createRegistration(String jsonFileName);
  • create a service registration for given ID & Name for protocol type REST
Registration registration = ServiceBuilder.createRegistration(String serverID, String serviceName, String URL);

Alternatively, the Registration instance can be instantiated and populated directly for required configuration and data values.

to add a service registration:


to get a given Service:

Service service = ServiceCatalog.get(serviceID);

to update a given service:

ServiceCatalog.update(serviceID, registration);

to delete a given service:


to get registered services as SCatalog:

SCatalog catalog = ServiceCatalog.getServices(page, perPage);

to find a service for a given criteria:

Service service = ServiceCatalog.findService(path, criteria, value);

to find services for a given criteria:

SCatalog catalog = ServiceCatalog.findServices(path, criteria, value, page, perPage);
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