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  1. IoT Data Processing agent Deployment

    Configuration Note For more configuration settings please see: IoT agents configuration Docker Run Agent with existing broker Dependencies Docker MQTT Broker docker run e connectionbrokermqtthostname=mymqtthostname p 8319:8319 Run Agent without existing broker Dependencies Docker
    LinkSmart® IoT AgentsOct 26, 2017
  2. IoT Data-Processing Agent API (under revision)

    ! MQTT API The agent it always listening a topic for new statement (see ) in an incoming "control" broker, by default the is "statement/add" and "tcp://localhost:1883", respectively (see ). If a statement is publish to this topic (using the right payload, see ), the agent will process the statement. The result
    LinkSmart® IoT AgentsOct 26, 2017
  3. IoT Agents

    Description The IoT agents where developed for all kind of storeless data processing, from simple data annotation or aggregation to complex data machine … for intelligent ondemand data management or analysis in IoT environments, from edge computing to cloud computing. The Agents can be used as edge standalone service
    LinkSmart® IoT AgentsJan 31, 2018
  4. IoT Data-Processing Agent Results (under revision) Scenario Burst Test 1: The test is design to show the horizontal data processing capability … 61440 KB RAM: 2.0 GB The data producer and consumer have the same hardware characteristic to test the performance in symmetric conditions. In this manner
    LinkSmart® IoT AgentsOct 26, 2017
  5. IoT Data-Processing agent Statement (under revision)

    The DP Statement payload This type of events encapsulate a DP statement used to deploy the query statement on agent. It contains 10 properties of which only 2 … on the API is being used. The ID is unique identifier in an agent. If the the ID is not provided, then is generated by hashing (SHA256) the Statement value, this means
    LinkSmart® IoT AgentsOct 26, 2017
  6. IoT Agent Architecture (under construction)

    asynchronous messages to which the IoT Learning Agent (LA) or LAs are subscribed. On the other hand, the Models subscribe to the data, provided by the clients … the system to distribute the data processing into external or internal processing nodes, depending on the needs. E.g. having the processes p1 and p2, where p1 = c (bc
    LinkSmart® IoT AgentsOct 26, 2017
  7. IoT agents configuration

    where the agent will send (or receive) control messages. agentid = agentdescription = The instantiation of an LinkSmart(R) IoT Agent. A service for Stream Mining … ) control messages. agentid = agentdescription = The instantiation of an LinkSmart(R) IoT Agent. A service for Stream Mining and Machine Learning management
    LinkSmart® IoT AgentsOct 26, 2017
  8. IoT Agents Use Cases (under construction)

    the Agent execution environment. Operation Type Type of the request. Create Creates one statement and exist so lo the request finished or is deleted. Update … in realtime. Fuse It uses several streams and fuse them generating a new stream. As an example, the data streams of the fill level sensor of smart bins as well
    LinkSmart® IoT AgentsNov 20, 2017
  9. What is LinkSmart

    Data Management & Processing IoT applications need to deal with large amounts of data produced by growing amounts of sensors and other devices. Depending … : Historical Datastore for storing, querying, and aggregating (timeseries) sensor data DPA: IoT DataProcessing agent for stream mining and ondemand data analysis LA: IoT
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  10. LinkSmart Spec

    Suite Connector Archiver Processor Message Handler Policy Enforcer Information Point Service Broker Keycloak Resource Catalog Security Accounter Historical Datastore IoT Border Gateway IoT Agents System Orchestrator Service Catalog IoT Device Gateway Component IoT Driver Identity Provider Tool BPMN Annotator
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