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  1. LinkSmart Device Connector

    Overview A Device Connector provides integration of heterogenous devices in the LinkSmart® middleware, implementing the functionality of the Device Integration … different implementations of the Device Connector fulfilling the described here functional specification. Specification A Device Connector must implement
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  2. What is LinkSmart®?

    /subsystems and allow interaction with other LinkSmart services (or any other OGC SensorThingscompliant services). LinkSmart comes with a couple of connectors, e.g … Figure 1. LinkSmart Platform components and DevOps infrastructure. LinkSmart® is an open source platform for developing IoT applications in various domains
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  3. Broetchen release - LinkSmart Platform Components.png

    Broetchen release LinkSmart Platform Components exported to image Broetchen release LinkSmart Platform Components exported to image
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  4. LinkSmart Platform Components.png

    LinkSmart Platform Components exported to image LinkSmart Platform Components exported to image
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  5. Resource Catalog

    backends and running on different hardware. Moreover, we distinguish between a local catalog running on the Device Connector with readonly API exposing local devices … This service is no longer maintained by the LinkSmart® society. LinkSmart® Resource Catalog provides a registry of available IoT devices and the resources
  6. LinkSmart Spec

    Suite Connector Archiver Processor Message Handler Policy Enforcer Information Point Service Broker Keycloak Resource Catalog Security Accounter Historical Datastore IoT Border Gateway IoT Agents System Orchestrator Service Catalog IoT Device Gateway Component IoT Driver Identity Provider Tool BPMN Annotator
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  7. LinkSmart® Docs

    LinkSmart® is an open source platform for developing IoT applications in various domains, such as smart cities, Industry 4.0, smart grid, and much more … the microservices pattern, LinkSmart® services can be arranged together depending on concrete use cases. Documentation
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  8. LinkSmart IoT Hackathon 2018 - Part 1

    The goal of this Hackaton is to become familiar with several LinkSmart components and at the same time, create something useful. In the following steps we will setup the DHT Adafruit Library and LinkSmart Device Gateway on a Raspberry Pi 3 in order to read measurements
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  9. Service Catalog - Component Diagram

    «Service» Auth. Server Controller REST API Validate Token LinkSmart® Service Catalog Configuration Loader Env Var / JSON Conf. Storage CRUD Service(s) Service Catalog Core MQTT Connector «Service» MQTT Broker diagram diagram
  10. LinkSmart® Service Requirements

    What is a LinkSmart® Service? A LinkSmart® Service is a standalone service that is able to interact with other LinkSmart® Services or LinkSmart® infrastructure components following certain rules and standards. All LinkSmart® Services have a name and codename, and they should indicate to which LinkSmart® API
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