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  1. LinkSmart Device Connector

    Overview A Device Connector provides integration of heterogenous devices in the LinkSmart® middleware, implementing the functionality of the Device Integration … different implementations of the Device Connector fulfilling the described here functional specification. Specification A Device Connector must implement
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  2. What is LinkSmart

    LinkSmart services. LinkSmart provides the following connectors: Device Gateway Thing Publisher NiFi UPCUA Bundle … Figure 1. LinkSmart Platform components and DevOps infrastructure. LinkSmart® is an open source platform for developing IoT applications in various domains
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  3. LinkSmart IoT Hackathon 2018 - Part 2

    In LinkSmart IoT Hackathon 2018 Part 1, we setup the LinkSmart® Device Gateway to collect temperature and humidity data from a DHT22 sensor on a Raspberry Pi … the following on your personal computer (x84 architecture): Setup LinkSmart® Historical Datastore and configure it to store and aggregate the data being published
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  4. Setting up Keycloak as an OpenID Connect provider

    password to "anonymous". Add an attribute to user anonymous with key "bgwrules" and value "HTTP/ MQTT/". This will grant users that connect to the Border Gateway
  5. LinkSmart Dataflow.png

    LinkSmart Dataflow exported to image LinkSmart Dataflow exported to image
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  6. LinkSmart Platform Components.png

    LinkSmart Platform Components exported to image LinkSmart Platform Components exported to image
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  7. LinkSmart Spec.drawio

    Resource Catalog Tool Identity Provider IoT Driver Component Policy Enforcer Processor Keycloak IoT Device Gateway Message Handler System Orchestrator Archiver Connector Layer 0 Service Catalog Broker Service Information Point IoT Agents IoT Border Gateway Historical Datastore Security Accounter BPMN Annotator Suite
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  8. Resource Catalog

    backends and running on different hardware. Moreover, we distinguish between a local catalog running on the Device Connector with readonly API exposing local devices … This service is no longer maintained by the LinkSmart® society. LinkSmart® Resource Catalog provides a registry of available IoT devices and the resources
  9. Broetchen release - LinkSmart Platform Components.png

    Broetchen release LinkSmart Platform Components exported to image Broetchen release LinkSmart Platform Components exported to image
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  10. LinkSmart Demo

    This page provides an overview of public LinkSmart services and demos: MQTT Broker This is a public Mosquitto MQTT broker that can be used freely for a variety of IoT application. URI ssl:// Hostname Port 8883 Username linksmart Password demo The communication with the broker
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