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  1. Service Catalog

    ), LinkSmart® provides a simple registrator utility that can be used to register a service in the Service Catalog by providing its description in the JSON format as described in Registrator Utility. Tunnelling Services with GlobalConnect As described in the LinkSmart® GlobalConnect documentation
    LinkSmart® LocalConnectJul 11, 2017
  2. What is LinkSmart LocalConnect

    LinkSmart® Services ) Device Connectors LinkSmart® Device … protocol and applications communicating in higherlevel protocols on TCP/IP network. For more information, see Device Connector. Service Discovery LinkSmart
    LinkSmart® LocalConnectJul 11, 2017
  3. Configuring Service Catalog

    Service Catalog is configured using a JSON configuration file, path to which is provided to the SC via conf flag. The default configuration file (provided … is a flag enabling DNSSD advertisement of the catalog on the network bindAddr is the bind address for the Service Catalog API bondPort is the bind port for the API
    LinkSmart® LocalConnectJul 18, 2017
  4. Service Catalog API

    the maximum allowed is returned) total is the total number of entries Tunnelling with GlobalConnect For information on automatic tunnelling of services with LinkSmart … Overview Service Catalog provides a registry with REST API for service discovery. The Service Catalog API is described as a Swagger 2.0 specification
    LinkSmart® LocalConnectJul 12, 2017
  5. LinkSmart® Documentation

    We are working hard to improve the documentation of our services. Spaces Recently Updated
    HomeAug 08, 2017
  6. Authentication

    LinkSmart® LocalConnect offers tokenbased and basic authentication for services with an HTTP API. The token issuing and validation is done using one … In basicauthentication implemented in LinkSmart® LocalConnect, Client sends the authentication credentials to the Service on each request. The Service exchanges
    LinkSmart® LocalConnectJul 18, 2017
  7. LocalConnect

    LinkSmart® LocalConnect wiki. This wiki contains documentation on the latest version of the LocalConnect components. If you find any typos/bugs or misleading … distribution for users / application developers, source code / development environment for devs What is LinkSmart LocalConnect Binary Distribution Source Code Docker
    LinkSmart® LocalConnectJul 18, 2017
  8. Service Catalog SDK

    LinkSmart® LocalConnectJul 11, 2017
  9. Domain and Deployment Models

    1. Overview The goal of this service is to provide a common framework for easy creation and management of Domain and Deployment Models for LS. Almost everyone … Address, MQTT broker/topic. The goal is to have a common procedure to describe entities of the software systems getting build with and around LinkSmart
  10. Binary Distribution

    Downloading The binary distributions are provided in the LinkSmart repository … /resourcecatalog.json conf/servicecatalog.json conf/devices/<examples of devices> conf/services/<examples of services> agentexamples/ agentexamples/<examples
    LinkSmart® LocalConnectJul 12, 2017