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  1. LinkSmart Service

    A LinkSmart® Service is a standalone service that is able to interact with other LinkSmart® Services or LinkSmart® infrastructure components following certain rules and standards. All LinkSmart® Services have a name and codename, and they should indicate to which LinkSmart® API they comply. What standards and rules
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  2. Service Catalog - Component Diagram

    «Service» Auth. Server Controller REST API Validate Token LinkSmart® Service Catalog Configuration Loader Env Var / JSON Conf. Storage CRUD Service(s) Service Catalog Core MQTT Connector «Service» MQTT Broker diagram diagram
  3. Service Catalog Data Flow.drawio

    Local Network discover discover register register Local Service Local Service Remote Service Remote Service Local Service discover Local Service Service Catalog register Layer 0 mass import drawio mass import
  4. What is LinkSmart

    the microservices pattern, LinkSmart services can be arranged together depending on concrete use cases. The components are grouped … Security Like any other environment, security in IoT is of utmost importance. LinkSmart offers services
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  5. LinkSmart® Docs

    ® Optimization Framework LinkSmart® Service Catalog LinkSmart® Thing … LinkSmart® is an open source platform for developing IoT applications in various domains, such as smart cities, Industry 4.0, and smart grids. The platform
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  6. Service Catalog Data Flow.drawio.png

    Service Catalog Data Flow.drawio exported to image Service Catalog Data Flow.drawio exported to image
  7. LinkSmart® Service Catalog

  8. Service Catalog

    is the entry point for services and other components. It's functionality mainly covers the discovery of available services , like brokers, gateways, and other services. Service Catalog exposes a RESTful API for: Registering and updating Services – for services registering themselves to be available for service
  9. LinkSmart® Border Gateway

    The LinkSmart® Border Gateway provides a single point of entry into an "Internet of Things" autonomous system consisting of connected devices and their supporting services. These are the main functionalities: SSL offloading at the edge of the protected autonomous system (HTTPS, SSL/TLSencrypted MQTT and SSL
  10. LinkSmart Processors - Configuration

    is responsible for registering a service entry to the Linksmart Service Catalog. It has the following parameters: Property Name Description Service Catalog URL The URL of the Linksmart Service Catalog. Service ID The ID of this service, which will be used for identification in the Linksmart Service Catalog. If left empty