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  1. Service Catalog Service Catalog provides a registry of the available services in the network. The Service Catalog can be considered as the entry point for applications and other components, mainly
  2. Service Catalog

    ), LinkSmart® provides a simple registrator utility that can be used to register a service in the Service Catalog by providing its description in the JSON format as described in Registrator Utility. Tunnelling Services with GlobalConnect As described in the LinkSmart® GlobalConnect documentation
    LinkSmart® LocalConnectJul 11, 2017
  3. Service Catalog API

    Overview Service Catalog provides a REST API for service discovery described below: swagger: '2.0' info: version: 2.1.x title: LinkSmart Service Catalog REST API basePath: / produces: application/json tags: name: sc description: Service Catalog definitions: Service: title: Service type: object required: id properties
  4. Service Catalog SDK

    Methods CRUD get(serviceId) add(Service) update(serviceId, Service) delete(serviceId) Querying Catalog getServices(page, perPage) Search / Filtering … > <version>0.0.1SNAPSHOT</version> </dependency> In case, Maven is not a preferred build environment then servicecatalogclient jar can be downloaded from LinkSmart
  5. What is LinkSmart

    . The LinkSmart® platform provides building blocks as generic and domainspecific services to efficiently implement applications in the Internet of Things … . Following the microservice pattern, LinkSmart® services can be orchestrated freely depending on the concrete use case. Those
    HomeOct 06, 2017
  6. LinkSmart® Documentation Home

    LinkSmart® is an open source IoT platform offering services for device abstraction, data storage, and machine learning. For more information, read What is LinkSmart. Documentation of services are available in the following spaces: limit to pages in recent updates
    HomeNov 08, 2017
  7. What is LinkSmart LocalConnect

    LinkSmart® Services ) Device Connectors LinkSmart® Device … protocol and applications communicating in higherlevel protocols on TCP/IP network. For more information, see Device Connector. Service Discovery LinkSmart
    LinkSmart® LocalConnectJul 11, 2017
  8. LinkSmart® Service Catalog

  9. LinkSmart® Thing Publisher

    Overview LinkSmart® Thing Publisher (LSTP) is intended to continuously expose proprietary sensor data in the OGC SensorThing format. The OGC SensorThing output … starts, you will see something like: 2017/10/20 15:26:43 2017/10/20 15:26:43 Linksmart ThingPublisher v 1.0.0SNAPSHOT 2017/10/20 15:26:43 2017/10/20 15:26:43
  10. LocalConnect

    : Service Catalog Thing Publisher (An implementation of LinkSmart Connector) The remaining components (Resource Catalog, Device Gateway) are documented below … , source code / development environment for devs What is LinkSmart LocalConnect Binary Distribution Source Code Docker Overview Introduces the components, services
    LinkSmart® LocalConnectNov 14, 2017