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LinkSmart® is an open source platform for developing IoT applications in various domains, such as smart cities, Industry 4.0, smart grid, and much more. The platform provides building blocks as generic and domain-specific components to efficiently implement applications in the Internet of Things. These include components for device abstraction, data management, and online data mining. Following the microservices pattern, LinkSmart services can be arranged together depending on concrete use cases. The components are grouped into the following categories:


The LinkSmart Platform provides out-of-the-box visualization for rapid prototyping based on Grafana.



Like any other environment, security in IoT is of utmost importance. LinkSmart offers services for uniform authorization, authentication, and accounting in common IoT protocols.

Related components:

Service Provisioning

In an IoT infrastructure, the number of devices and services can grow quickly and their status' and connectivity can change dynamically. LinkSmart Service Provisioning helps to manage such infrastructure, i.e. keeping track of the running devices, services, systems, and sub-systems.


Data Management & Machine Learning 

Many IoT applications are dealing with large amounts of data that is generated by sensors and other devices. Depending on the use case, such data needs to be simply stored or processed in a more or less complex way. LinkSmart Data Management & Processing services account for this flexibility and allow for:


Device Integration & Abstraction 

The LinkSmart Device Integration & Abstraction services are responsible for two basic IoT requirements: