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The Visions of Organizing LinkSmart Hackathon

  1. Building capacity with the aim of developing a working prototype (in short time?).
  2. Having requisite infrastructure for hardware, data source, software, and expertise
  3. Setting up platform of sharing knowledge from experienced developers to new comers in order to keep the ball rolling
  4. Incorporating new ideas and innovations into the existing LS stack

The Hackathon Roadmap

We will have one hackathon per quarter:


Between all hackathons are API development to channel output of one hackathon to the next so that the processes in each hackathon is as independent as possible.


  • Session leaders makes 10 minute presentation and serves as TRP (Technical Resource Person) during hackathon

  • Setting up and integrating the required systems
  • Collection, analysis and visualization sensor data
  • Annonymise the data
  • Analyse the data
  • Publish the result and
  • Publishing the process in the form of tutorials, hands-on

Expected Benefits

  1. Developed a working prototype
  2. Understanding and addressing all the technical challenges we will have to face to get to a minimum viable product (MVP).
  3. To build the confidence to ship an MVP in short deadlines. 
  4. To enable team members to learn a lot from each other and get to know each other better.