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Code Block
docker pull
docker run --rm -p 443:443 -p 8883:8883 -v "<path_to_your_config_folder>:/bgw/config" -v "<path_to_your_certs_folder>:/certs"


  • All configs for the bgw are passed as environment variables
  • You can supply environment variables from a file by providing config.env or config.json or both
  • Each bgw component has a config prifix (EI_, HTTP_PROXY_, MQTT_PROXY_, AUTH_SERVER_, AAA_CLIENT_)
  • Shared config like the aaa client, can be used globally like AAA_CLIENT_ or selectivily like EI_AAA_CLEINT_
  • note: configs in config.json will be converted to environment variables and passed to all components
  • For all available configurations list (click here)