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  • id is a unique id of the data source (set by the server)
  • url is the URL of the Data Source in the registry (/registry/id)
  • data is the URL to the Data API (/data/id)
  • resource is the URL identifying the corresponding LinkSmart Resource (e.g., @id in the Resource Catalog)resource. This should match the SenML name of measurements for this data source. 
  • meta is a hash-map with optional meta-information
  • retention defines the retention policy, which is the period of time that the data will be kept (at least that long). It is specified as a decimal number with units, such as "1h", "1w", etc. Valid time units are "m" (minutes), "h" (hours), "d" (days), and "w" (weeks).
  • aggregation is an array of configured aggregations in the format of Aggregated Data Source. It is optional and there can be 0..* aggregations defined for a Data Source.
  • type is the value type used in payload. The following basic types are supported: stringboolfloat.
  • format is the MIME type of the payload used by the Data Source, e.g., application/senml+json)