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This is a bundle of OPC UA controller service and processors for Nifi. The bundle is an improvement built on top of the OPC UA bundle made by HashmapInc.
A couple of differences between the new bundle and the HashmapInc one:

  1. The HashmapInc is based on OPC UA-Java Stack, which provides more bottom-level APIs. The new bundle is based on Eclipse Milo, which is built on top of OPC UA-Java Stack but provides more high-level APIs and more advanced functionalities such as subscription.
  2. The new bundle adds a SubscribeOPCNodes processor, which allows the user to specify a list of OPC tags to subscribe to. The processor will produce flowfiles, when value changes on subscribed tags are detected.
  3. Adds an option to the GetOPCData processor so that the user can specify the source of tag list as a local file. The processor will get values of all tags listed in the file from the OPC.
  4. Adds an option to the ListOPCNodes processor, so that user may choose to not get nodes which are not leaves of the tree. This could come in handy, since in most cases, only leaf nodes contain value.
  5. More full-fledged security features, including support for signed or signed & encrypt messages, server certificate verification, etc.
  6. Minor tweaks to improve performance as well as to adapt to our use case.

The Nifi bundle supports Nifi version 1.3.0+. It includes 4 components: a service (StandardOPCUAService) and 3 related processors (ListOPCNodes, GetOPCData and SubscribeOPCNodes).  

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Nifi OPC UA Bundle

Programming Language(s)Java
LicenseApache 2.0