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We will assume that your room ambience data is being published to Mosquitto MQTT broker at tcp://<broker_address>:1883.

1) Set up Service Catalog


titleHint fow Windows 7 users

If you use Docker Toolbox with Windows 7 you may run into trouble running LevelDB as a backend for Service Catalog. In this case, you can work without mounting a volume and set up Service Catalog storing its data in memory using the following environment variables:

  • SC_STORAGE_TYPE=memory


  • SC_MQTT_CLIENT_BROKERURI=tcp://<broker_address>:1883

2) Set up Data Processing Agent


Code Block
    "name": "send_temperature",
    "statement": "select e[0].v as temperature from SenML(bn=\"linksmart-black/\")",
    "CEHandler": "",
    "output": [
    "scope": [