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  • PROTOCOL is the transfer protocol (currently HTTP, HTTPS, MQTT or WS)
  • METHOD is the method in regards to the protocol (e.g. GET,POST,DELETE for HTTP and PUB,SUB for MQTT)
  • DOMAIN is the fully qualified domain name (FQDN)
  • PORT
    • Case MQTT / WS: TCP port of the target service
    • Case HTTPS: In a standard deployment the BGW External Interface will set add headers x-forwarded-proto and x-forwarded-host (including port) and forward to the BGW HTTP proxy so in the rules regarding HTTP services you need to use protocol HTTPS and port 443 in your rule definitions. If you deploy a BGW HTTP Proxy without the BGW External Interface, you can configure your web server (e.g. nginx) to set headers x-forwarded-proto and x-forwarded-port host and define rules in the same way.
    • Case HTTP: If you do not use TLS at all or cannot configure your web server to set headers x-forwarded-proto and x-forwarded-porthost, you need to use HTTP in your rule definitions and the TCP port of BGW HTTP proxy. 
  • PATH is resource information and may contain slashes itself. For HTTP, it is the resource path (e.g. confluence/display/COM). For MQTT, it is the topic.