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  • id is the ID of the DGW, which must be unique in the deployment environment. If not given, a UUID v4 will be generated.
  • description is a human-readable description for the DGW
  • dnssdEnabled is a flag enabling advertisement of DGW endpoint using DNS-SD (service type _pw-dgw._tcp)
  • publicEndpoint is the URL of the gateway protocol://fqdn:port, which is in the deployment environment
  • staticDir is the path to a directory for serving static files
  • [deprecated] catalog is an array of remote Resource Catalogs. All registered devices will be published to each configured remote catalog (if not empty).
    • discover is the flag enabling automatic discovery of the Resource Catalog using DNS-SD
    • endpoint is the URL of the remote Resource Catalog API (http://address:port/path)
  • http is the configuration of the built-in HTTP server
    • bindAddr is the bind address to listen on ( to listen on all interfaces)
    • bindPort is the TCP port to listen on
  • protocols is a dictionary defining the configuration of the DGW API. At the moment, REST and MQTT protocols are supported.