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  • Sign up for a free account at Auth0.
  • Create an API:
    • Name: Border Gateway <bgw_domain>
    • Identifier: https://<bgw_domain>:443
    • Signing Algorithm: RS256
  • This automatically creates an application named "Border Gateway <bgw_domain> 443 (Test Application)".
  • Adapt settings for this application:
    • Allow "Password" at Advanced settings / Grant types.
    • Enter "https://<bgw_domain>:443/callback" in field "Allowed Callback URLs"
  • Create a User:
    • Email
    • Connection: Username-Password-Authentication
    • Check your e-mail to verify this account.
    • Add the following to field "user_metadata" (this is where you maintain the authorization rules for each user):

        "bgw_rules": "MQTT/# HTTPS/#"
  • Tenant Settings:
    • Default Directory: "Username-Password-Authentication"
  • Create rule:
    • Select template for an empty rule.
    • Rule name: Add bgw rules as additional claim
    • Code:

      function (user, context, callback) {
        const namespace = 'https:///<bgw_domain>:443/';
        context.accessToken[namespace + 'bgw_rules'] = user.user_metadata.bgw_rules;
        callback(null, user, context);
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