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Service Catalog provides a REST API for service discovery described below:

The following diagram shows the data model of Service Catalog:

The attributes are described below:

Catalog object consists of:

  • id: unique id of the catalog
  • description: a friendly name or description of the service
  • services: an array of Service objects
  • page: the current page in catalog
  • per_page: number of items in each page
  • total: total number of registered services

Service object consists of:

  • id: unique id of service
  • name: RFC6339 service name (e.g. _bms._tcp)
  • description: friendly name or description of a service
  • meta: a hash-map for optional meta-information
  • apis: a map of API names and URLs
  • docs: an array of Doc objects describing service documentations
  • ttl: time after which the service should be removed from the catalog, unless if it is updated within the timeframe.
  • created: RFC3339 time of service creation
  • updated: RFC3339 time in which the service was lastly updated
  • expires: RFC3339 time in which the service expires and is removed from the catalog (only if TTL is set)

Doc object consists of:

  • description: description of the external document
  • apis: an array listing APIs documented in this documentation
  • url: URL to the external document
  • type: the MIME type of the document (e.g. plain/text for wikis, application/openapi+json;version=2.0 for OpenAPI specs v2.0)


Service catalog also supports MQTT for service registration and de-registration.

Service registration is similar to POST and PUT methods of REST API. Here, a service uses a pre-configured topic (via config file) for publishing the message.

The will message of the registered service is used to de-register it from the cataog whenever the service disconnects.

For more information on configuration of MQTT topics for service registration and de-registration and examples, see the Configuration page.

Announcement over MQTT: 

Service Catalog announces the service registration status via MQTT using retain messages. 

The message topics follow following patterns:

<topicPrefix >/< RFC6339 service name>/<service_id>/alive   : (Retained message) The body contains service description of alive service

<topicPrefix >/< RFC6339 service name>/<service_id>/dead : (Not retained message) The body contains service description of the 'dead' service 

The retained messages are removed whenever service de-registers.

topicPrefix  can be configured via config file.


API version is based on semver. The version is included as a parameter to the MIME type of all HTTP responses:

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